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The 10 Best Electric Chainsaws [2020 reviews]

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Are you looking to get a new electric chainsaw? It's the perfect time to get into the market. The electric chainsaw options have exploded in quality and options of the last few years. Whether you're looking for light-weight, low kickback, or quite saws, we'll show you the best options.

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Ryobi 14inLightMinimal Low14Check Price
Milwaukee M18 ChainsawMediumMediumMedium18Check Price
Dewalt 20-Volt MAX9lbMediumMedium20Check Price
Ego 16in 60 VoltMediumMediumMedium56Check Price
Dewault 16in 60-VoltLowLow60 Check Price
Makita 18-Volt 14”11.5 LightLow18Check Price
  1. Ryobi 14in

    The Ryobi electric chainsaw is one of the best options you can get. Lets be honest here... most of the time when you are using an electric chainsaw, you are looking for a lightweight option that's guaranteed to work. And can hold a good charge.

    Thats what you get with the Ryobi. Ryobi has been taking over the electric powertool market and for good reason. They make quality tool at a great price. Be sure to check this saw out and put it on your short list.

  2. Milwaukee M18 Chainsaw

    If you are looking for something with a bit more power than the Ryobi, the Milwaukee M18 chainsaw packs a punch. 

    It gives you up to 150 cuts per charge. (We've seen that this is typically a bit on the high side. But still, you should really easily be able to get through a solid work load on one battery).

    This chainsaw is powerful and will do the job on almost any task. It also clocks in at around 14 pounds which makes it very easy to manipulate while on a ladder. 

    Like all Milwaukee power tools, this saw comes from a great line of powertools. Additionally, it is backed up by a 3 year warranty.

    If you are looking for a saw so powerful you probably will never need a gas powered saw, get this one.

    If you are just trimming up the occasional tree, the Ryobi is probably more right for you.

  3. Dewalt 20-Volt MAX

    The Dewalt 20V chainsaw is a bit lighter than the Milwaukee chainsaw. It clocks in at 9 pounds. This chainsaw also only lasts 90 cuts per charge compared to the 150 the Milwaukee saw gets.

    However, you can pick one of these Dewalt saws up for much less money. This saw is very comparible to the Ryobi saw. It weights about the same, has a similar battery life, and provides a similar amount of power. 

    It does have a shorter length and comes at a higher price point. You might feel it to have a touch more quality. 

  4. Ego 16in 60 Volt

    Ego is a newer brand out there in the powered tool market. It comes with a 16 in blade which is the longest blade so far out of any saw on this list.

    The price point is also fairly on-par given the higher number of volts and longer chain.

    You'll get 6,800 RPM out of this saw and comes with a 5 year warantee. It's not a bad option if you are looking for something with a bit more muscle. The 56 volts is quite a bit higher than most things on this list.

  5. Dewault 16in 60-Volt

    The DeWalt 60-volt chainsaw is a powerful yet light options. 

    It claims to power 70 cuts per charge. If you are not quite sold on the power of the 20-Vold DeWalt tools, their 60-Volt line is worth looking at. You'll get all the quality of DeWalt with a more powerful battery.

  6. Makita 18-Volt 14”

    Finally, the Makita 14in saw needs to be mentioned. Makita produces some of the best power tools out there. And this chainsaw is nothing short of high-quality. 

    You get 4 batteries and a charge with this combo pack. And you also get a 14" saw that has the power equivalent to a 32 cc gas chain saw. This should last a long time regardless of usage. 

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