Best Cordless Drill Options In 2020

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Cordless drills make it easier for you to drill holes while building something. They allow you to move around without restrictions. You'll also feel uncompromising comfort whenever you're making holes in highly elevated areas. However, the greatest thing about cordless drills is that you can use even when electric power is out.

When planning to buy a cordless drill, so you should lightness, battery life, durability, motor power, charging time, and portability into consideration. In this article, I will present to you some of the best cordless drills with these characteristics.

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  1. Ryobi 3/8 in. Drill/Driver Kit with 12-Volt Battery

    The size and lightness of this drill make it perfect for women who love to do things on their own. Using this drill will feel like you're carrying a liter of bottled water. Its handle ensures that your hands won't feel fatigued while using this item. The ergonomic design of the handles prevents awkward hand positioning when drilling holes on something.

    On a personal note, the lightness of this drill impresses me the most. Because it's very light, women and the elderly will have no problems using this. I recommend that you use this drill in high places since the weight won't throw you off balance.

    Best features of this product are:

    * lightweight

    * very comfortable handles

  2. Dewalt Brushless Cordless Compact 1/2 in. Drill Driver w/ (2) Batteries

    I'm not very fond of Dewalt products mainly because they're a bit pricey and I'm not really familiar with them. However, positive reviews on the internet piqued my interest in this product. After using it, I came to the conclusion that there are two things that makes this product really special. First, its 2-speed motor workes really well, and second, this is one of the best drills when working in dimly lit areas.

    To give a short specification, the 2-speed motor allows this item to drill holes in soft to moderately hard surfaces. The led light provides excellent visibility even though it runs on battery power and thus allows you to work with great detail.

    Best features of this product are:

    * 2-speed motor that works fairly well

    * bright led light

  3. Black & Decker Drill/Driver with Battery 1.5Ah and Charger

    My first impression about this product is that it looks cartoony or cute mainly because of its bright orange color. However, don't let the appearance fool you because the motor of this drill is powerful enough for you to complete DIY projects. I tested this product on various woods such as pine, cedar, fir, and spruce, and it didn't have any problems with them. That said, this drill will work for intermediate carpenters.

    Second, is that the batteries don't die quickly. At full charge, I got to use this drill all day without any reductions to its torque or power.

    Best features of this product are:

    * perfect drill for intermediate DIYers

    * long-lasting battery

    * consistent performance

  4. Milwaukee Driver/Impact Driver Combo Kit (2-Tool) w/(2) 1.5Ah Batteries

    You should go to this product if you're looking to save money. I've got this combo kit way back in 2014, and 'till today the cordless and impact drivers work really well. I did not experience any issues regarding the chuck of this drill which basically means that drilling holes on surfaces are a breeze. On the other hand, the impact drivers securely put screws or bolts into various surfaces which I think is one strength that products under the same category rarely have.

    I highly recommend this product for hardcore builders.

    Best features of this product are:

    * cordless driver and impact driver in one product

    * specifically made for professional builders

  5. Ridgid Cordless Drill/Driver and Impact Driver 2-Tool Combo Kit

    What I like about this product is that the cordless drill is powered by a very durable 2-speed motor and the impact driver has a lot of torque which is useful when driving large bolts or fasteners. If you're looking for longevity when it comes to tools, then you should go for this one. The impact driver and cordless drill requires very maintenance and are made out of materials that endure damage caused by the environment.

    Best features of this product are:

    * high torque impact driver and cordless drill with reliable 2-speed motor

    * made out of materials which prevent damage caused by corrosion

  6. Makita Compact Cordless 1/2 in. Driver Drill Kit

    Working on constantly wet conditions will surely make any cordless driver surrender since the moisture will damage the motors and electric components inside. This is the perfect cordless drill for plumbers since it endures wetting really well. Makita cordless drill is engineered to prevent water from seeping towards core components such as the motor and electrical wirings. Also, the handles are rubberized to prevent slipping. This is particularly useful if you have sweaty hands.

    Best features of this product are:

    * rubberized handle that prevents slipping

    * the best cordless driver that's engineered to withstand wet conditions

  7. Ryobi Cordless 2-Tool Combo Kit w/ Drill/Driver, Circular Saw

    This product features a very efficient charger which makes it great for on the go building projects. The batteries of the drill and the mini circular saw take only up to 2 hours to become fully charged. When fully charged, you can use the drill all day to drill holes on soft to extremely hard surfaces. Also, it is remarkable that the led lights of the cordless drill swivels which make it perfect for drilling holes on dark tightly enclosed spaces such as sinks.

    Best features of this product are:

    * cordless drill and circular saw in one product

    * powerful cordless drill

    * led light that swivels

  8. Dewalt Combo Kit (9-Tool) with (2) Batteries 2Ah, Charger and (2) Contractor Bags

    In a nutshell, this is an all in one product that you should have if you love to engage in building projects. Aside from a cordless driver which is lightweight, powerful, and highly comfortable, you'll get eight other tools that will complete your arsenal of building equipment.

    Best features of this product are:

    * a cordless drill that's powerful, lightweight, and comfortable

    * comes with eight other tools that will make you a hardcore builder

    To end, what I've mentioned here are the best cordless drivers that come with extra tools with them. By having two types of equipment at once, building something will have fewer hassles or drawbacks. Avail them now and start building like never before.

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