Best Drill Press For Home Woodworking Shop

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When it comes to drill presses, you are primarily looking for something that is big enough for your average job while not taking up too much room in your shop.

We outline some of the top options available on the market below!

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Ryobi 10' Drill PressCheck Price
Wen 10' Drill Press$Check Price
Ridgid 15' Drill press$$Check Price
Delta Floor Standing Drill Press$$$Check Price
Jet 15' Benchtop Drill Press$$Check Price
  1. Ryobi 10' Drill Press

    The Ryobi 10' drill press is great for almost all of your around the house needs. It's a smaller compact model, that fits in almost any shop.

    The unit comes equipped with a laser to help you line up your holes, and also packs more than enough punch to do most jobs. This tabletop press is probably the best recommendation for anyone looking to get a drill press at home. 

    Unless you plan on opening a woodworking shop, this thing is more than good enough for most home improvement projects. 

  2. Wen 10' Drill Press

    If you are looking for a different option than the Ryobi, the Wen 10' tabletop drill press is probably the runner up. This unit is roughly the same price, also includes a laser level, and is roughly the same in all measurements. 

    Both the Ryobi and the Wen swivel and tilt. And they have practically the same RPM measurements. 

  3. Ridgid 15' Drill press

    If you think you might need something a little bit bigger, the Ridgid 15' Drill press gives you more room. The Ridgid drill press gives you roughly 1.29 horsepower and more room to work with.

    It comes with a sturdy stand that doesn't necessarily need to be bolted to the floor either. Like the other drill presses mentioned above, this one includes adjustments to provide multiple speeds for various types of situations. 

    You likely find this the last drill press you ever needed to own. But, it is significantly more expensive than the first two options.

  4. Delta Floor Standing Drill Press

    With the Delta Floor standing drill press, we've moved into the aspirational territory.

    This thing is the price of a mortgage payment! But, it's quite the unit.

    The drill press is ideal for all types of woodworking. It's accurate and has an auto-tensioning belt that automatically adjusts to your workload.

    The drill has 16 speeds settings from 170 RPM to 3000 RPM. And has a very flexible woodworkers table. You'll love this thing if you can get it.

    Here's a video showing some of its highlights: 

  5. Jet 15' Benchtop Drill Press

    Finally, if you are looking for the middle of the road options, it's probably this Jet 15' benchtop drill press.

    This unit is more expensive than our first few options, but it providers a sturdier more consistent drilling experience. The price reflects that as well.

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