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Gone are the days of snow blowers that won’t start, need tons of maintenance, and are a pain to use. All of the models below are very good options that excel at all of these things.

Whether it’s electric start, or a pure electric snow blower, these machines are great for most drive ways. The general rule of thumb is that you’ll want to pick a slower that is at least 24 inches wide. And move up from 24 inches to 28 and 30 inches the more wide your driveway is. As you increase the width of the machine, you’ll also want to keep an eye on the power it has.

There is nothing worse than an underpowered machine.

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Troy-Bilt 24” Gas Snow Blower24208cc$$Check Price
Toro Power Max 24 in Snow Blower24252cc$$Check Price
Cub Cadet 28” 356cc Snow Blower28357cc$$$$Check Price
Ariens 28” Snow Blower28254cc$$$Check Price
Ryobi 21” Electric Snow Blower2140volt$Check Price
Toro Power Clear 18” Snow Blower18$Check Price
  1. Troy-Bilt 24” Gas Snow Blower

    The Troy-Bilt snow blower is one of the best ones out there for the price. One of the features I really like about this blower is it's plastic shoot.

    Pushing power and size to the side for the moment, on of the biggest things that ruins a good snow blower is the chute getting clogged.

    It doesn't matter how much power or width you can cut if you have to stop to unclog your shoot.

    I've found this shoot to get clogged a lot less that other snow blowers. And it comes in at a great price.

  2. Toro Power Max 24 in Snow Blower

    The Toro Power Max is another great option for not getting clogged up.

    The shoot on this snow blower starts with a uniquely shaped blower component that connects to the shoot. The curve that have on this really helps prevent even slushy snow from getting caught in the blower.

    It comes in at 252cc with only a 24 inch wide blade. I think this is the perfect blower for most driveways because of this. Let's say your driveway is 20 feet wide, that means you're only going to have 5 trips down and 5 trips up the driveway before it's clear.

    Additionally, the Toro comes with 50 extra cc compared to the Troy-Bill 24" blower. This extra power comes in handy with those deep snowfalls.

  3. Cub Cadet 28” 356cc Snow Blower

    If you have a driveway that is very wide, you might need to start looking at something a bit bulkier. This is where the Cub Cadet 28" comes in.

    This blower has 357cc and is a three-stage. It has some nice features like headed hand grips and LED lights as well.

    This is almost a professional blower. If you clear driveways for a living or just have a huge driveway to clear, look into getting this blower.

  4. Ariens 28” Snow Blower

    If you need the extra width, but don't want to spend on Cub Cadet, you can look at the Ariens 28" blower.

    Unlike the Cub Cadet, it's a 2-stage blower and has significantly less power coming in at 254cc.

    This is the same amount of power that the 24" Toro has. Which means you could be a bit under powered in a deep snow storm.

  5. Ryobi 21” Electric Snow Blower

    Ryobi has been coming up in the power tool market for the last few years. They are increasingly reliable and come with some pretty good warantees. 

    The nice thing about this Ryobi snow blower is the weight of it. If you have a small to medium sized driveway, there really is no need to go huge with your blower.

    Sure, if the blizzard of the century comes, this thing won't be as good at getting you blown out. But, it will almost be easier for every other snow storm.

    This blower is great for people who cannot handle the weight of a traditional blower.

  6. Toro Power Clear 18” Snow Blower

    Finally, the Toro power clear is a good option for those in the city without much driveway to clear.

    It is just a nice, simple single-stage blower. Honestly, It still costs a couple hundred bucks. I'd probably just pay $100-200 more and get the other Toro on this list. You'll have a much better time with the bigger Toro.

    But, there are various things this blower is better at. It's lighter and easier to manipulate.

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