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Best Transfer Shovel For The Money

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Transfer shovels are needed for everything from gardening to scraping ice off the driveway in winter. Below is a list of the toughest transfer shovels out there.

When buying a transfer shovel, you typically want a light-handle and some type of rust proof material on the shovel itself.

You also want to make sure the handle is the right size for your body.

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Ames 47 in. FiberglassLightWood$Check Price
PowerEdge 48.75 in. Fiberglass Handle Square Point ShovelLightFiberglass$Check Price
Razerback 48.75 in. FiberglassLightFiberglass$$Check Price
Razer-Back 47 in. Wood Handle Transfer ShovelLightWood$Check Price
  1. Ames 47 in. Fiberglass

    The Ames 47' transfer shovel is one a good option for your basic shovel. It's light enough, made of sturdy materials, and going to last you a while. 

    The one downside of this shovel is that it does not have a fiberglass handle. If you are needing to move some rocks, transfer some mulch or scrape some ice off of the driveway, you will get a ton of mileage out of this shovel.

  2. PowerEdge 48.75 in. Fiberglass Handle Square Point Shovel

    The PowerEdge fiberglass shove is a very affordable option. It claims to have a specially shaped blade that penetrates materials 2x cheaper.

    That's great. But, what we like about it is that it's a light-weight option that is easy on the budget. This shovel is almost as cheap as some of those with wooden handles.

    If you are on a budget, the PowerEdge fiberglass transfer shovel is probably the best options for you. 

  3. Razerback 48.75 in. Fiberglass

    The Razerback fiberglass shovel is our #1 shovel on this list. It has a fiberglass handle that is connected to a tempered steel blade.

    If you've ever worked with rocks or gravel for more than an hour, you understand how important it is to not have a wooden handle. These fiberglass handles give your shovel a much lighter overall base weight.

    You can get the Razerback shover for a very responsible price. We highly recommend picking this one up.

  4. Razer-Back 47 in. Wood Handle Transfer Shovel

    Razerback also makes a wooden shovel. If you are looking for a cheaper option than their fiberglass model, check out this shovel!

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