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How To Pick Out A Screwdriver Set

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  1. Cost vs Long-term Value

    Screwdriver sets really are not that expensive. The difference between an unbranded box and a top-of-the-line box is only $3-8 dollars in most cases.

    This is kind of rare for tools. You will usually see a much bigger difference in price depending on the brand and quality offered.

    Because of this, I recommend buying the best set you can find. You rarely end up paying that much more. And it can prevent you from so many frustrating experiences down the line.

  2. Magnetic and Hardened Tips

    The primary thing to look for in a new screwdriver set is magnetic and hardened tips. This signals quality and that you will likely experience less issues driving in screws.

  3. Milwaukee Screwdriver Set (8-piece)

    When it comes to getting a screwdriver set, this is the must-have one. Milwaukee is a top pro-rated name brand and their screwdriver set is just "barely" more money than an unbranded set off of Amazon.

    The thing with screwdriver sets is you just need them to work. There is NOTHING more frustrating than being on the top of a ladder installing a ceiling fan in a hot room and having your Phillips screwdriver start jumping because it was worn down.

    This set comes with a magnetic tip. And has hardend tips as well. 

  4. 12 pcs Magnetic Screwdriver Set,Security Tamper Proof Professional Cushion Grip 6 Phillips and 6 Flat Head Tips Screwdriver Non-Slip for Repair Home Improvement Craft

    This unbranded box from Amazon provides a nice handle and magnetic tips.

  5. Magnetic Screwdriver Set 10 PCS, CREMAX Professional Cushion Grip 5 Phillips and 5 Flat Head Tips Screwdriver Non-Slip for Repair Home Improvement Craft

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