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5 Airless Paint Sprayers You To Need To Get The Job Done Perfectly!

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Coating something with paint is not an easy task. Doing this needs a lot of skill and practice. It might take a few months for you to paint something with an even and consistent touch. Also, you need to work fast without leaving any mess behind. Doing this will help you get the project done as early as possible for you to start more important tasks. 

If you're a professional or a beginner who wants a cleaner and sleeker paint job done in a short span of time, then an airless paint sprayer is what you need. Using an airless sprayer is the most efficient, clean, and effective method that you can use to finish large painting projects. A house painted using an airless paint sprayer looks neater, more beautiful, and more presentable.

This time, I will present the 5 best air sprayers that you really need to have. I will highlight the features that make them special and the benefits you will get from them. 

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  1. Wagner Control Pro 130 Power Tank Airless Stand Paint Sprayer

    This product's greatest feature is its very low overspray. Low overspray means that you'll get to apply coat more rapidly without worrying about leaving a mess on surfaces that you do not intend to paint. This airless sprayer is perfect for large decks, home exteriors, basement renovations, and large outdoor projects. 

    Using Wagner Control Pro 130 to paint the interior of your house will get the job done right without costly mistakes.

    Pros of Wagner Control Pro 130 

    - low overspray for a clean finish

    - best airless sprayer for applying coat indoors

  2. Graco Magnum Project Painter Plus Paint Sprayer

    Convenience and control- these words perfectly describe Graco Magnum Project Painter Plus Paint Sprayer. This airless paint sprayer has a fully adjustable pressure which makes it perfect for big and small projects. You can use this to paint furniture, decks, beds, your house, and many others. In addition, there's no need for you to transfer paint on another storage because this product can directly spray from 1 or 5-gallon paint bucket. 

    Pros of Graco Magnum Project Painter Plus Paint Sprayer 

    - fully adjustable pressure for more control while spraying

    - sprays directly from a paint bucket for convenience

  3. Graco TrueCoat 360 DSP Airless Paint Sprayer

    You need to have Graco TrueCoat 360 if you want a paint sprayer that has a strong piston pump. This product uses a high-pressure carbide tungsten piston pump that drives heavy paints easily without using thinners. Graco TrueCoat 360 is the ideal choice if you're constantly using heavy latex and acrylic paints. On a personal note, this paint sprayer compact design allows for portability and comfortable usage. 

    Pros of Graco TrueCoat 360 DSP Airless Paint Sprayer 

    - powerful piston pump that makes it ideal to be used for heavy latex and acrylic paints

    - compact design for portability and comfortable usage

  4. Wagner Flexio 2000 HVLP Paint Sprayer

    Sidings and walls are some of the trickiest places to paint mostly because it's really easy to overspray while working on them and not many paint sprayers are specifically designed for these surfaces. Still, there's one paint sprayer that's really good to be used on walls and sidings and this is Wagner Flexio 2000 HVLP Paint Sprayer. Its iSpray nozzle sprays paint with a high degree of precision which eliminates the possibility of leaving undesirable traces on other surfaces. This also comes with a power dial with 2 settings so that you can coat thick and thin materials evenly. 

    This product is what you need for applying finishing touches on a building project. 

    Pros of Wagner Flexio 2000 HVLP Paint Sprayer 

    - ideal paint sprayer for walls and siding

    - sevenly applies coat on thick and thin surfaces

  5. Wagner Flexio 5000 HVLP Stand Paint Sprayer Stationary

    You will love Wagner Flexio 5000 because it's perfect for large projects and for adding fine details to a particular piece. This airless paint sprayer comes with two nozzles; the first nozzle applies paint evenly and efficiently on large surfaces and the second nozzle- Detail Spray nozzle- is perfect for the finishing touches of the paint job. You can also adjust the paint flow and the pressure for more precision and control. 

    Pros Wagner Flexio 5000 HVLP Stand Paint Sprayer Stationary 

    - comes with two nozzles: Spray nozzle for applying paint evenly and efficiently, Detail spray nozzle for adding details

    - adjustable paint flow and pressure

    These are the top 5 airless sprayers that low budget professionals and DIYers need to have. Painting building projects is easier if you have the products featured here. Use them to coat your house or furniture without much effort and stress. Buying the products mentioned here will surely change the way you paint.

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