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The Best Air Compressors

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If you're anything like me then you're a huge fan of efficiency. I absolutely hate wasting my time and money looking for and purchasing products that don't perform to my expectations. If I'm in need of a specific product for a specific project, it is highly unlikely that an impulse buy will fill the need. Certain projects require a certain performance level. With there being so many air compressors on the market, it can sometimes be a daunting task finding the right compressor for your particular project. To make things just a tad bit easier, I am going to list my top favorite three compressors and why I love them.

* My absolute favorite air compressor is by a company called Paasche. I own one of their compressors and I most commonly use it for body painting. My favorite feature about this product is that it's super versatile. I could use this machine for almost any art project or for any home improvements. While I would typically use it for makeup, body paint, and temporary tattooing, others can and will use it for painting toy models, clothing design, pastry/culinary decorating, and tanning. The compressors by Paasche can also be used for interior decorating as well as exterior if the project is small enough. It does take some getting use to if you're a novice with using air compressors. I took a class and the very first thing the teacher told me was that it was super important to understand all the parts of the air compressor and the accessories that went with it. Sometimes, with any brand, you can run into problems that can be self resolved if you understand you r machine and its parts well. The company website is pretty easy to navigate and they also offer tutorial videos on their YouTube account. Shopping with them was easy and the product performs very well. Its the number one brand I highly recommend for art projects. I needed something heavy duty that could perform for hours with no issues which makes the automatic shut off feature a win. Paasche currently stocks nine different compressors.

* The next air compressor I would recommend is from a company that goes by the name of Iwata. If you're unfamiliar with the company and unsure of what you need, just head over to the company website and click on the "airbursh selector" tab and you'll be directed to a page that'll filter what you need. Off the bat, I love how the company website asks your proficiency in regards to their equipment which is really helpful in narrowing down the search. You'll then go through a short series of question asking about your artistic style and how big your project is. My collegues love Iwata and my overall impression from other artists who use the system is that you can't go wrong with purchasing from them. Still versatile and good for so many types of projects. If you are shopping by popularity, then this is the perfect compressor for your modest art projects. This is still another product that takes getting used to.

* Now if you have huge project on your hands and are looking more on the industrial side of things ( work involving heavy machinery and mechanical work) I would recommend something a little more powerful than the previous air compressors I mentioned. While super useful, they are a little more on the modest side compared to the compressor we're about to get into now. This is the type of compressor you want for roofing or any kind of interior or , exterior design to a building or machine, and shoe molding. Because I love efficiency, I love things that don't take up too much space and are easy to travel with or put away which makes the portable unit by the company called Craftsmen a splendid choice for your big projects. Now this product is a lot more accessible for shoppers and by that I mean this product can be easily found in stores like Home Depot and Lowe's. The previous air compressors mentioned are only available at some specialty shops or online. The only thing I really don't like is how opaque the pricing can be.

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