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The 5 Best Portable Jump Starter Options For Your Money

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Let's face it, your cars battery can go out at any time. You can forget to leave the lights on. You kid could flip a switch in the back and burn the battery while you're at work.

You just never know. The one thing you do know for certain is that your battery will die at the most inconvenient time. These portable jumper cables will make it easier to get things back on track.

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Black and Decker 300 Amp Portable Jump Starter$300Check Price
Smarttech 8000 Power Pack and Portable Jump Starter$Check Price
Schumacher Battery Jump StarterCheck Price
Just Some Jumper CablesCheck Price
  1. Black and Decker 300 Amp Portable Jump Starter

    The Black and Decker portable jump starter is a great way to get out of a jam.

    It is a quick and easy way to get out of a jam. Here's how it works:

  2. Smarttech 8000 Power Pack and Portable Jump Starter

    The Smarttech jump starter is also is a good option for the on-the-go jump. 

  3. Schumacher Battery Jump Starter

  4. Just Some Jumper Cables

    Honestly, all of these battery packs are cool. And they can make it easy.

    But, a pair of jumper cables will last pretty much your entire life. They are also really cheap.

    I'd honestly pick some up in addition to whatever other "easier" solution you get. Just so all of your bases are covered.

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