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The Top HVAC Multimeters For Testing

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If you ever plan to work on an HVAC system of any kind, it is crucial that you have a reliable multimeter. This key piece of equipment will allow you to test the voltage in your system, making it an important part of any HVAC technician's toolkit. But, as with any tool, there are a number of options available for you to choose from. To assist you with this decision, here is this a list of 8 HVAC multimeters that are worth a look.

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  1. Klein Electrical Test Kit

    When it comes to affordable, all-in-one solutions, this is hard to beat. It includes a multimeter, a voltage tester, and a receptacle tester; if you go this route, you will have everything you need. To make testing easier and safer, it also includes both visual and auditory indicators going up to 25 Ohms. This kit is perfect for checking the voltage in a variety of places, such as lighting fixtures and switches, electric outlets, and wires and cables.

    Product Highlights-

    * Includes batteries

    * Affordable price

  2. Commercial Electric Technician Maintenance Kit

    This kit is good for professional technicians as well as individuals looking to do a little household maintenance; it includes an HVAC multimeter, contact-free voltage detector, and an outlet tester. It has a durable build that ensures it will stand up to everyday wear and tear, so you won't have to worry about dropping it on accident. The devices in this kit can test a wide range of voltages, making for a very versatile and inexpensive option for amateur and professional electricians.

    Product Highlights-

    * Kit includes batteries

    * Easy to use design

  3. Klein Clamp Meter and Electrical Test Kit

    The Klein clamp meter kit is slightly larger and more expensive, but you certainly get what you pay for. In addition to a digital clamp meter and a receptacle tester, it includes a line splitting device. This makes it easy to test currents in a variety of settings, as well as live circuits, and the line splitter can measure a current of up to 15A. It is a very easy to use and versatile set of tools; this is a great option for buyers who need a little more, while still sticking to an easy one time purchase.

    Product Highlights

    * Kit includes carrying case

    * Convenient back lit display

  4. Commercial Electric Analogue Multimeter

    Of course, you may not need a full test kit- you might only be in the market for the HVAC multimeters themselves. If that is the case, its hard to go wrong with this model. It can test AC as well as DC voltage, making it a good choice for a number of electrical systems, but it can also test both 1.5 and 9 volt batteries. So even if you aren't a professional electrician, and just want to see how much power your batteries have left, this is a great option that is certainly worth considering.

    Product Highlights

    * Low price

    * Wide voltage testing range

  5. Commercial Electric Auto Ranging Multimeter 600V

    If you are in the market for more robust HVAC multimeters, this could be an option worth considering. It costs a little more than some of the smaller models on the market, but it is worth the extra money. In addition to all the standard testing capabilities, it features a back light and a flashlight. This makes it useful for dark or cramped areas; if you end up going with this model, you will certainly put the back light and flashlight to good use.

    Product Highlights

    * Includes batteries and carrying strap

    * Non contact detecting

  6. Milwaukee Auto Voltage/Continuity Tester with Resistance Measurement Set

    While most voltage testers only show general numbers, this model tests voltage all the way to the decimal point, making it a great choice for electricians who need more accuracy in their readings. Along these more professional lines, it also works with a variety of carrying methods, such as clips and magnets; if you are a professional electrician who does a lot of moving on the job site, this could be a good option. It also features holders for the testing leads, ensuring an organized workspace

    Product Highlights

    * LED flashlight attached

    * Includes belt clip

  7. Ideal 200 Amp Clamp Meter with TRMS, NCV, Shaker, CP, Backlight

    This model is both well built and affordable, making it a great all-around option. It combines a clamp meter and harmonics tester, as well as a contact and noncontact voltage tester. The overload protection also gives you the peace of mind that no matter what the job is, both you, your test equipment, and your electric systems will be safe.

    Product Highlights

    * Sleep mode

    * Vibration mode for voltage testing

  8. Milwaukee Digital Multimeter

    You can't go wrong with this style of HVAC multimeters. While it isn't necessarily cheap, its certain to last for years of consistent use. It has a voltage range of up to 600 volts, and it will sound a tone when voltage is detected. This model is clearly designed for heavy use- it can handle temperatures of up to 1000 degrees. For professional electricians, this is a great choice.

    Product Highlights

    * Plastic molded grip

    * True-RMS measurement

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