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Generate Random LettersGenerate a random letter for free
Word countCount the number of words in your text copy
Random Password GeneratorCreate a secure password with this free password generation tool. Protect your privacy with a randomly generated strong password.
Base64 EncodeBase64 encoding tool - Convert your string into a base64 encoded string
Base64 DecodeBase64 decoding tool - Convert your base64 string into a decoded string
UUID GeneratorEasily generate a random and secure UUID with our simple tool. Select either version 1 UUID or version 4 UUID and create one or many to fit your needs
Text to Binary ConversionConvert your binary code into text or convert text into binary code with our easy to use text converter tool.
👍 Emoji Finder - Find Your Favorite Emojis To Copy and PasteEasily find, copy and paste any emoji without any heavy lifting.
Copy + Paste Emoji List With Meanings and UnicodeEnjoy our complete list of all emojis with their meaning and unicode characters. Easily copy and paste any emoji.
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